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As your trusted Real Estate Broker, we are always looking for ways to save you money and wanted to let you know about Xcel energy saving tips.  

Quick Ways to Save Energy at Home

Heating and Cooling

  • Draw your shades or blinds to keep rooms cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Run ceiling fans counter-clockwise in the summer to circulate cooler, conditioned air. In the winter, run fans clockwise to push warm air down into the room.


  • Switch to LEDs, especially ENERGY STAR®-qualified products, which typically use 70-90% less energy and last 15 times longer than traditional bulbs. Walk through your home and decide which lights you use most often—replace those first.
  • And of course, always turn off lights when you leave a room, even if you’ll only be gone for a moment.

In the Kitchen

  • Put a lid on pots and pans when cooking to heat up food faster and save energy.
  • Opening the door of your oven can lower the cooking temperature by as much as 25 degrees, so look through the window instead.
  • Rinse dishes in cool water, so you’re not wasting hot water that costs money to heat.
  • And remember: Fix your leaky faucets (not just in the kitchen). A leaky faucet wastes gallons of water in a short period of time, and it’s very costly for hot water leaks.

Laundry Room Savings

  • Always wash full loads of clothes to maximize water use and savings.
  • Take care of your dryer to help it run efficiently—clean the exhaust vent and lint trap.

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