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Now that the earnest money check has been dropped off, title review and the inspection period are done, and the appraisal has been sorted out, it’s time to hire movers and start packing.  Call now to get moving estimates and secure a mover as they often get booked up weeks in advance.  Be sure to tell the moving company what floor you’re on if you live in a condo building and whether your building has stairs vs an elevator so they block off enough time for your move.  

Remember that you have to be out of your place by the time closing begins and we won’t have a confirmed time until a few days before closing.  Therefore, my recommendation is to move out of your place the day before closing to be safe. If you can’t do that then have your movers come very early the day of closing such as 6am so you can be out by the time closing occurs.

Also, if you haven’t already asked us to reserve a specific/ preferred time for closing in advance, feel free to shoot us a text or an email so we can do so now. Keep in mind, closings usually start around 9:00am with the last available time at 4:00pm.  The last thing to keep in mind when it comes to closing; we won’t have a confirmation for the exact time/ location until a few days before closing.

Recommended Movers

  • Rhino Brothers Moving: 303.960.9894 
  • AAP Movers: 720.885.7431
  • American Moving & Storage: 720.545.0436
  • Legacy Moving Denver: 719.207.1101

Whichever mover you end up using, we highly recommend asking them to bring wardrobe boxes with them for all of your hanging clothes. That way you don’t have to take everything off the hangers and pack the items up. Instead, the movers will simply grab everything in your closets that is hanging, put them on the rods in the boxes and then when you get to your new home you can just grab the hangers and hang the items back up. Saves a ton of time!

Moving Supplies

Start gathering boxes and packing supplies.  Often you can find free boxes on Facebook Marketplace.  Otherwise, Uhaul, Uline, and Lowes or Home Depot are all great places to get moving supplies online.


Moving can be incredibly stressful on pets so consider having them stay with a friend or in daycare for a few days while you move and get settled into your new place.

Items to Leave

Usually anything attached to the walls such as shelving, curtains and curtain rods need to stay. Everything else needs to go with you. You can always refer to the Inclusions and Exclusions on the Contract and Counterproposal for what needs to go and what needs to stay.  If you aren’t sure, just reach out and ask us, as taking the wrong items can cause problems at the walk through.

Questions? We’re here to help! Kevin Capra – The Capney Collection – Powered by Compass – 303.809.5515 or email us at

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